Gamma Iota Sigma


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Appalachian State University is a Rho Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), which was established in 1979. Through the GIS Society we actively participate in Gamma Iota Sigma events, and hosted their 2013 International Conference.

GIS is a professional collegiate insurance organization sponsored by the Brantley Center. The purpose of the organization is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as a profession; to encourage high moral and scholastic attainments; and to facilitate the interaction and cooperation of educational institutions, industry, and professional organizations by fostering research, scholarship, and improved public relations.

Through regular meetings, guest speakers, and industry events, the Society provides students with real-world exposure, networking, and the opportunity to build lasting friendships with classmates. Special industry-sponsored events such as job shadow days and Insurance Career Fairs are held each semester to acquaint the students with industry practices and foster industry relationships.


Membership in GIS not only exposes students to travel opportunities, but also makes the student eligible to submit a resume for inclusion in the departmental resume book. Members must re-register each semester and include a membership fee of $25, payable to AppState GIS. While the organization is open to all majors, students are encouraged to join GIS as soon as they become departmental majors. Students interested in joining GIS should contact the faculty advisor.

Print 2016-17 GIS Membership Application Here

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Epermanis

2016-2017 Officers and Duties

President – Cecilia Yanez

  • Schedule, prepare agenda and preside over officer and general meetings
  • Assess the need for committees and appoint as needed
  • Introduce programs at membership meetings (speakers, etc.)
  • Serve as student representative to BRIC Advisory Board
  • Alumni Relations – communicate with recent alumni
  • Coordinate gifts for industry guests
  • Host weekly executive meetings with Executive Board

Executive Vice President – Open

  • Co-host weekly executive meetings with Executive Board
  • Assist in presenting to BRIC Advisory Board
  • Plan bi-annual leadership retreats
  • Submit monthly article to GIS Grand Chapter for newsletter
  • Alumni Relations—preside over coordination of social events with alumni
  • Assist President in duties
  • Oversee committee chairs

Vice President of Operations - Joey Dickson

  • Attend weekly executive meetings with updates
  • Submit monthly GIS reports to Grand Chapter
  • Act as liaison between other on-campus organizations: Ex. Walker Fellows, SGA, etc.
  • Coordinate on-campus events: WCOB Club Expo, University Open House, Recruitment Dinner, GIS Open House, Guest Speaker events, RMI Career Fair, etc.
  • Coordinate details of guest speakers: Dinner reservations, purchase of gift if President is unable

Vice President of Finance - Tim Nguyen

Attend weekly executive meetings with updates

  • Monitor finances of RMI and report expenditures
  • Make bank deposits
  • Balance checking account
  • Maintain spreadsheet of financial transactions

Vice President of Marketing – Morgan Greenwood

  • Attend weekly executive meetings with updates
  • Conduct emails to distribution list: Any emails sent to you by Greg or another member of the leadership team
  • Create monthly Newsletters for chapter: Incorporate photos from recent events, important upcoming dates, interesting articles, etc.
  • Coordinate with Brantley Center on display board and bulletin updates: Work closely with Crystal Brooks on this
  • Upkeep of social media sites: Twitter and Instagram 

 Vice President of Administration - Zac Baltz

  • Attend executive meetings and take minutes
  • Oversee community service committee: Maintain updates from Director of Community Service to report to Executive Board
  • Assist in ensuring volunteers are taken care of for all events: Stay informed by VP and Director of Operations in regards to events and assist as needed
  • Maintain upcoming events calendar
  • Submit applications and maintain records for GIS membership



Director of Communications - Parker Roberson

  • Photography during GIS events: Responsible for Brantley Center camera
  • Create and maintain testimonial book which will incorporate testimonials from both students and alumni in regards to internships, jobs, scholarships, etc.
  • Create and maintain a GIS website which you will work with the VP of Marketing on if assistance is needed
  • Creating the Rho Chapter of GIS Newsletter
  • Assisting the VP of Marketing as needed

Director of Marketing - Emily Bunton

  • Coordinate social events:  RMI Tailgate, Paintball, Bo’s Night, Senior Send-Off, etc.
  • Chair mentor committee & mentorship program:  Coordinate recruitment related events, interaction with underclassmen
  • Alumni Relations
  • Coordinate recruitment dinner alongside VP of Operations
  • Assist VP of Marketing as needed

Director of Operations - Vance Langdon

  • Coordinate the Fall and Spring Career Fairs
  • Recruit volunteers as needed for on-campus events:  Seek assistance from VP of Operations and VP of Administration as needed
  • Oversee campus events committee:  Ensure committee members involvement in on campus events
  • Assist VP of Operations as needed

Director of Community Service - Matt Johnson

  • Community Service Committee
  • Adopt-A-Street
  • Coordinate Community Matters Involvement
  • Polar Plunge involvement
  • GIS Week of Service
  • Plan other community service events as seen fit


 Community Service Committee

  • Responsible for conducting and being present at Community Service Events involving Rho Chapter
 RMI Mentor Committee
  • Serve as a mentor and friend to underclassmen interested in the RMI program
  • Keep mentees updated on upcoming events and personally invite
  • Answer questions
  • Offer information and advice

Campus Events Committee

  • Accepting roles and duties as campus events are hosted by Rho Chapter:  Ex. Registration table at RMI Career Fair