Gamma Iota Sigma

App State Gamma Iota Sigma logoAppalachian State University is the Rho Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), and we established our chapter in 1979.  Through GIS we actively participate in regional and national Gamma Iota Sigma events, and our Rho chapter hosted their 2013 International Conference.

GIS is an international professional collegiate insurance organization sponsored by the Brantley Center. The purpose of the organization is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as a profession; to encourage high moral and scholastic attainments; and to facilitate the interaction and cooperation of educational institutions, industry, and professional organizations by fostering research, scholarship, and improved public relations.

Through regular meetings, guest speakers, and industry events, the GIS provides students with real-world exposure, networking, and the opportunity to build lasting friendships with classmates. Special industry-sponsored events such as job shadow days and Insurance Career Fairs are held each semester to acquaint the students with industry practices and foster industry relationships. 

See the calendar of events:  HERE

Learn more about the new "Summit Certification Program" for active AppState GIS members here:


Membership in the AppState GIS chapter:

Membership in GIS exposes students to many travel, networking and professional development opportunities.  Members must re-register each semester and include membership dues payable to AppState GIS.   Since the organization is open to RMI and Actuarial Science majors, Employee Benefits minors, and to all majors, students are encouraged to join GIS as soon as they can.  Students interested in joining GIS should contact the Faculty Advisor and stop by the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center, #3053 Peacock Hall.

Step #1:  Complete the GIS National Membership Application hotlink:  HERE  (note the Brantley Center pays your 2020-2021 GIS dues)

Step #2:  Complete our AppState Rho chapter Membership Form:  HERE 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Marlett

Brantley Center Associate Director:  Greg Langdon

2020-21 Leadership Team Positions


President - Bailey Siner

  • Schedule, prepare agenda, and host weekly Monday leadership meetings
  • Oversee all officers and their duties
  • Assess the need for committees and appoint as needed
  • Introduce programs at general membership meetings (speakers, etc.)
  • Serve as student representative on Brantley Center Advisory Board
  • Communicate with other campus clubs
  • Attend President Round Table meetings
  • Work closely with Executive VP and RMI Faculty
  • Alumni Relations—communicate with recent alumni
  • Work with Executive VP to build presentations and present as needed
  • Coordinate Recruitment Dinner with Brantley Center team
  • Sign new member certificates

 Executive Vice President - Jason Garfinkle

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Submit monthly GIS reports to Grand Chapter
  • Assist in presenting to Brantley Center Advisory Board
  • Plan bi-annual leadership retreats
  • Manage AppSync Account
  • Keep track of event participation
  • Manage GIS Google calendar
  • Assist President in duties/fill in in President’s absence
  • Work with Rho chapter officers
  • Coordinate with President on presentations and presentations as needed

 VP of Administration - William Chisholm

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Take minutes at all leadership team meetings
  • Manage chapter email account
  • Send out email  / GroupMe reminders to GIS students
  • Write thank you notes and prepare gifts for guest speakers
  • Work closely w/Greg Langdon for communication and chapter relations
  • Sign new member certificates

VP of Finance - Madison Browne

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Monitor finances of RMI and report expenditures
  • Make bank deposits
  • Balance checking account
  • Maintain spreadsheet of financial transactions and track by categories
  • Work closely with Dr. Marlett and Lacy Schmidt on budget management decisions
  • Manage incoming chapter dues during and after Open House events

 Directors of Industry and Alumni Relations - Matt Scott & Katie Cole

  • Create a professional newsletter to update GIS Alumni of current happenings within the group to be sent out at least once a semester
  • Create a Gamma Iota Sigma Alumni Spotlight on the website and coordinate with the director(s) of marketing to feature Alumni and collect ‘Alumni Profiles’
  • Maintain document with Gamma Alumni information including employer as well as a non-appstate email address
  • Work with Gamma Leadership Team and Advisers to brainstorm new initiatives to engage Gamma Alumni and connect current members with alumni for career networking, post graduate opportunities, etc.
  • Assist Greg in planning any events surrounding homecoming, career fairs, etc. that include alumni and industry representative as well as create new events
  • Communicate with Charlotte alumni chapter for events and opportunities for networking

Directors of Marketing - Baylee O'Connor & Addisyn Sharkey

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Maintain social media platforms and run GIS Instagram page
  • Coordinate filming of "Roll Call" for GIS annual conference
  • Take pictures at all GIS events
  • Create articles for WCOB and GIS Grand Chapter
  • Work with Brantley Center team to design and order yearly t-shirt with assistance from President
  • Coordinate with Brantley Center team on Summit Certification program, including maintain spreadsheet of student progress

 VPs of Community Service - Grayson Baucom, Hailey Church & Chris Aquino

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Lead Community Service Committee
  • Plan Adopt-A-Street cleanup 3 times each semester
  • Coordinate GIS Week of Service and Community Matters Involvement
  • Plan and maintain community service events as see fit (Operation Christmas Child, Polar Plunge, Dance Marathon, etc.)
  • Work with VP of Admin. to create event sign-ups as appropriate
  • Work with officers to facilitate and provide photos and/or videos of events
  • Encourage campus involvement with other clubs and their community service events

 Directors of Events - Jose Chavarria-Villagomez & Thomas Tillery

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Coordinate multiple social events each semester
  • Assist with planning other events that may occur throughout the year
  • Work with Brantley Center team to develope suitable budgets for GIS events

 Directors of Club Relations - Ben Todd & Daniel Sexton

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Act as liaison between other on-campus organizations
  • Coordinate planning as well as participation efforts with other on campus organizations’ events (especially COB organizations, but others as well) (ex. Ambassadors canned food drive, Dance Marathon, etc.)
  • Ensure we stay current with club council (attend CORE Conference and Town Hall each semester)
  • Assist with planning on-campus events w/Community Servivce officers

 Directors of Membership - Jen Evans & Jake Kaufman

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Coordinate speaking to RMI classes about upcoming GIS events
  • Work with President to coordinate Open House and RMI dinners
  • Coordinate shifts at WCOB Club Expo
  • Reach out to underclassmen who may be in interested in RMI/GIS and develop creative ways to market to students
  • Reach out to local high school clubs to hold events sharing industry and collegiate opportunities through RMI
  • Submit applications and register all new and returning GIS members
  • Maintain GIS membership records, work with VP to include participation in these records

 Actuarial Science Liaison - Nikki Leman

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Foster and grow relationship with Actuarial Science majors
  • Provide updates about Actuarial Science club events and invite GIS students
  • Promote GIS to Actuarial Science majors and send out email reminders
  • Visit Actuarial classes with announcements when available, and mentor Actuarial Science students on ways to get involved with GIS

 Employee Benefits Liaison - Nick Nardi

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Foster and grow relationship with Employee Benefits minors
  • Work to provide Employee Benefits resources to students
  • Be an active voice and assist in growing the program
  • Coordinate with Professor Huff on promoting the EB minor
  • Present to EB classes on GIS events, ways to grow involvement and social events

Director of Inclusive Excellence - Susann Rivera

  • Attend weekly executive meetings and as many GIS events as possible
  • Foster and grow relationship with students of diverse backgrounds and encourage considering RMI as a major
  • Assist Brantley Center with developing best practices to promote an inclusive environment for all RMI students
  • Act as a liaison to Walker College of Business Diversity Advisory Team
  • Act as liaison between on-campus Multicultural Student Organizations and Inclusive Excellence programs
  • Lead GammaSAID initiatives on campus, including unique week
  • Liaison between GIS Grand Chapter GammaSAID committee and Rho chapter
  • Consider becoming a part of the national chapter GammaSAID committee