Brantley Center Presents Networking Skills & Alcohol Etiquette Night

More than 40 Appalachian State (AppState) Risk Management & Insurance and Actuarial Science majors, along with industry professionals from the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center Board of Advisors participated in the February 11 Networking Skills and Alcohol Etiquette Night.  The event was co-sponsored by the AppState Gamma Iota Sigma Rho chapter.

Amy Odom from the Walker College of Business Career Services Office conducted an interactive and very informative networking session to prepare students for industry events and post-graduation success.  "Relationship development and networking are valuable tools to utilize no matter where a professional is in their career,” added Odom.  “Empowering business students and new professionals with the knowledge and space to sharpen their networking skills is critical to their success on campus and post-graduation. Business Career Services is grateful for the opportunity to support the Risk Management and Insurance students’ growth, both personally and professionally."

Michael Odom from the University's Advancement Office, next shared his 15+ years of previous experience in the Beer and Wine industry to conduct the Alcohol Etiquette portion of the night.  "A business professional’s ability to navigate a beverage list and make thoughtful choices elevates the experience they have with clients or associates.  Having the confidence to make good choices allows the meeting to remain focused on business," shared Odom.

The professional development event concluded with Brantley Center Board members Mike Mitchell, of RPS Charlotte and Josh Ammons and Shannon Campbell with AmWINS giving the students networking tips and techniques, along with valuable “work world” experiences for the new professionals entering the industry.  Following a lively “Q & A” session with the Board members, the students then put their skills into practice with a networking event with the industry professionals and AppState RMI Professors.

Josh Ammons with AmWINS added, “Having the chance to participate in an event like the Networking Skills and Alcohol Etiquette Night is an incredible opportunity for the RMI and Actuarial Science majors.  Allowing, but more importantly encouraging, these soon-to-be young professionals to come together, ask sincere and tough questions, and simply learn more about possible situations they might encounter soon goes such a long way in helping them feel, and ultimately become, more prepared for their transition into the professional world.”


Amy Odom with Business Career Services

(Amy Odom conducts the Networking Skills portion)

Michael Odom Alcohol Etiquette

(Michael Odom presents on Alcohol Etiquette and the basics of Beer and Wine selection at professional events)

Brantley Center Board members

(Brantley Center Board members Mike Mitchell and Josh Ammons, along with Shannon Campbell with AmWINS guide students through proper networking techniques)

Summer Certification Program

Networking Skills and Alcohol Etiquette events are integral components to the new “Summit Certification” program for AppState RMI and Actuarial Science majors.  Read more about this new extracurricular professional development certification program here: .

The IIANC Education Foundation annually provides funding to make the Professional Skills Day and Etiquette Meal possible for Appalachian students through the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center. 


About the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center

The Brantley Risk and Insurance Center in Appalachian State University's Walker College of Business enhances the academic experience by providing space and staff to assist risk management and insurance majors with networking, job placement preparation and contact with faculty members outside the classroom. It provides students opportunities to participate in professional designation and licensing programs, and invites industry leaders to participate in classes and speak to student organizations. It also fosters research and faculty development, assists the insurance industry in the design and delivery of continuing education programs and helps educate the public about the insurance industry. Learn more at

Appalachian's Risk Management and Insurance Program is the sixth largest in the country according to Business Insurance magazine. The college's Brantley Risk and Insurance Center, founded in 1988 with support from the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, supports research and faculty development, assists the insurance industry in the design and delivery of training and continuing education programs, and facilitates interaction between students, faculty and the professionals in the insurance industry. Appalachian is designated a Global Center of Insurance Excellence by the International Insurance Society. For more information about the Center, visit .

Spring 2020 Networking and Alcohol Etiquette Night
Published: Feb 12, 2020 4:10pm