Steve Grabek

Steve Grabek

Steve Grabek

Retired Insurance Executive

- Where are you from?  

  • I was born in Hartford CT and lived in that area until 1996 at which time we moved to the Chicago area.  We have lived in the Chicago suburbs since 1996 and also have a home in Ft. Myers Florida.  I began my career with The Travelers Insurance Company in CT and transferred with them to Illinois. I joined AIG in the fall of 1998 and stayed with AIG until my retirement in 2021.

- What is your alma mater?  

  • I attended the University of Hartford and majored in Marketing.  At the time, very few schools offered majors in insurance and risk management.  

- What do you enjoy most about your job title and/or company?

  • I spent my entire career in the insurance industry and it afforded me many opportunities and interesting experiences.  I learned early in my career that insurance is a highly relevant industry and is the "oxygen"of the economy.  No company, regardless of its size, can operate without effective risk management and insurance programs.  Throughout my career I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about many of our customers' businesses and unique challenges.  I also traveled all over the US and globally and gained some interesting insights about various cultures and customs.  I also loved the idea that our industry needs to constantly reinvent itself to remain relevant to our customers as they face new risks and exposures. 

- What are some things a mentee should know about you?

  • I have been married to my wife Sharon for 39 years and we have 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren. 2 of our children are in the insurance industry.  Our son Robert is a risk management and insurance graduate of Appalachian State.  We love to travel, play golf, hike and explore new places.

  • I benefited from having a few exceptional, selfless mentors during my career and  I have been committed to doing the same for others.  Despite having recently retired, I continue to mentor several former colleagues who consider different options in their career.  This has been the most rewarding facet of my career.