Meet an Alumna: Manny Tsra

Meet an Alumnus: Manny Tsra

Business Development Consultant at Accident Fund - Lansing, MI

Actuarial Sciences, Appalachian State Class of '19

Manny Tsra chose the insurance field because she wanted to have a career in an industry where there would be room for growth and opportunities. Tsra believes that insurance is something that everyone needs and something that will always be around so having that sense of job security was really important to her as well when deciding her career path. 

Tsra’s favorite aspect of my educational experience was traveling to London with Dr. Marlett and her classmates. Her favorite part of that trip was visiting Lloyd’s of London and learning about the history and it was interesting to see how far the underwriting process has come. In her eyes, it was a unique opportunity and she was honored to be part of that experience.

When asked about how our RMI program prepared her for her future, she answered “Just having the support from my professors and Gamma Iota Sigma really played a huge part in preparing me for my future. The different workshops and travel trips (Big “I” conference, London, GIS annual conference, etc) helped with my professional growth.” 

Tsra enjoys her career path simply because she is never “bored” with what she does and she is always learning something new. She says that insurance is such a fascinating field and it is so much more than just sitting at a desk. “The opportunities are endless and networking is huge. With what I do, I enjoy the whole underwriting process and being able to make strong decisions that I believe would benefit my organization.”