RMI Students and Professors Attend 2020 Atlanta RIMS Conference

Seven Appalachian State University (AppState) Risk Management & Insurance majors along with Professors Dr. Lori Medders and Dr. Karen Epermanis, attended the 2020 Atlanta RIMS Conference, February 13-14.  While at the conference, the group participated in the educational sessions and networked with students from Georgia State University, the University of Georgia and Risk Management professionals from the Atlanta-area.


(L-R:  Dr. Karen Epermanis, Baylee O’Connor, Dr. Lori Medders, Sonu Sangani, Daniel Sexton, Susann Rivera, Jason Garfinkle, Matthew Scott and Jeb Phillips)


(L-R:  Baylee O’Connor, Jason Garfinkle, Susann Rivera, Jeb Phillips, Matthew Scott, Dr. Karen Epermanis, Sonu Sangani and Daniel Sexton)


(L-R: Matthew Scott, Jason Garfinkle, AppState RMI graduate Lee Koonce and Jeb Phillips)


About the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center

The Brantley Risk and Insurance Center in Appalachian State University's Walker College of Business enhances the academic experience by providing space and staff to assist risk management and insurance majors with networking, job placement preparation and contact with faculty members outside the classroom. It provides students opportunities to participate in professional designation and licensing programs, and invites industry leaders to participate in classes and speak to student organizations. It also fosters research and faculty development, assists the insurance industry in the design and delivery of continuing education programs and helps educate the public about the insurance industry. Learn more at https://insurance.appstate.edu

Appalachian's Risk Management and Insurance Program is the sixth largest in the country according to Business Insurance magazine. The college's Brantley Risk and Insurance Center, founded in 1988 with support from the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, supports research and faculty development, assists the insurance industry in the design and delivery of training and continuing education programs, and facilitates interaction between students, faculty and the professionals in the insurance industry. Appalachian is designated a Global Center of Insurance Excellence by the International Insurance Society. For more information about the Center, visit www.insurance.appstate.edu  .

2020 Atlanta RIMS
Published: Mar 3, 2020 10:34am