Appalachian Risk Management & Insurance Majors Attend ERM Conference

Two Appalachian State Risk Management & Insurance majors, Megan Moreno and Devon Goolsby, were awarded scholarships to attend this year’s RIMS Enterprise Risk Management Conference held in New Orleans, LA on November 3 – 4, 2019.  Faculty member Dr. Karen Epermanis also attended with the students as a means to update her skill set and remain current in the ERM field. 


(L-R, Dr. Karen Epermanis, Devon Goolsby and Megan Moreno)

The RIMS ERM Conference is the premier global conference targeting risk management best practices from an enterprise risk framework.  Workshops targeted topics such as value creation with IT and Risk Management working together, the evolving role of the Chief Risk Officer, and broadening risk management efforts to include governance, risk and Compliance (GRC).  An abundance of networking opportunities provided attendees with new contacts and chances for both personal and professional growth.

As AppState Senior, Devon Goolsby, summarized, “I enjoyed many of the breakout sessions as they focused on Environmental Social Governance, the most recent change to the purpose of a company by The Business RoundTable.  Also, meeting industry professionals who believe and support students as the reason we are there is always one of the most influential and educational parts of any conference.”

Senior Megan Moreno added, “Attending the RIMS conference allowed a view into many avenues within the industry. I enjoyed having the ability to network with not only industry professionals, but also students in Risk Management and Insurance programs throughout the country. Being able to share a passion and interest with other students greatly increases my ambition to thrive and learn from others in this industry. Overall, I found this trip to be a tremendous personal and academic growth opportunity and am very grateful to RIMS to have been given the opportunity to attend such an event.” 

2019 ERM Conference
Published: Dec 16, 2019 9:00am