Building Insurance Talent Testimonials

“The Risk Management and Insurance program at Appalachian State University gives me the opportunity to network and learn from industry professionals throughout the country as well as teaches me invaluable skills which are preparing me as I work towards entering the insurance industry. I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful program that dedicates the time and resources into helping its students succeed.”

 Kimberly Aguirre-Salguero,  May 2020 graduate


 “The RMI program gave me an opportunity to better prepare myself for my career by providing tangible resources and skills necessary to interact with businesses during the career fair. I am fortunate to have an internship because of it!!!!”

 Corey Baker,  May 2020 graduate


 “The support I get from the RMI program is undeniable! I am consistently put in positions to succeed. The RMI program gives me opportunities that will greatly impact my future, and for that I am grateful. With financial support in purchasing professional attire, I now have the confidence to attend professional events all while putting my best foot forward. All of this was made possible because of the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center.”

 Roberto Sibrian,  APP R.I.S.E Research Group participant and May 2020 graduate


 The RMI program continuously prepares me for my future outside of colleges. I am provided opportunities to travel to networking events to discuss and learn more about the industry. While the Brantley Center helps assist with our career, they also focus on leadership enhancing skills that are needed everyday. One event this semester that stood out was the Inclusive Excellence Dinner. This dinner gave many students the opportunity to hear and discuss the lack of diversity in this industry, and how we can all work to continue building upon this area of focus. The RMI program has been a great part of my college experience and I strive to continue to represent the program well. 

 William Chisholm, Senior