Scholarships & Internships

Approximately $40,000 is awarded annually to students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. A large number of donors have made these scholarships possible. Their common desire is for ambitious and intelligent young people to pursue a course of study, which will prepare them for careers in risk management and insurance.

Appalachian State University Scholarships

Most students should apply for Risk Management and Insurance scholarships by using the College of Business scholarship application form. Applications are generally accepted online in February and may be completed by visiting the College of Business scholarship page.

Incoming freshmen may apply for Risk Management and Insurance scholarships through the applications provided by the Office of Admissions. Some scholarships are specifically reserved for incoming freshmen desiring to major in Risk Management & Insurance. Be sure to note on your application that you are interested in applying for Risk Management and Insurance scholarships.

All scholarships are restricted to students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. Many require that students will be juniors or seniors when they receive the scholarship. Most scholarships are renewable, but require that students re-apply each year.

Obviously, grades are important as scholarships are competitive; however, many donors have specified that equal and sometimes greater weight should be given to extracurricular activities and career objectives. Specifically, involvement in the Risk Management and Insurance Society is very important.

National Scholarships

The Brantley Center coordinates with several national organizations that sponsor national competitions for scholarships. These scholarships often impose additional restrictions and require a separate application process.

Many AppState RMI students have been selected for prestigious national summer internships through the IRU & NAPSLO.  RMI students are encouraged to apply for these nationally-competitive summer internship opportunities (note the application deadlines) through the links below:

Click here for Indermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association (IRU) Internship

Click here for National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices (NAPSLO) Internship

Click here for the External Competitive Awards (PDF).