RMI Scholarships

$750 High Performers Scholarship - All WCOB Majors

The purpose of the High Performers Scholarship is to allow high-performing Walker College of Business students from all majors the opportunity to explore the Risk Management and Insurance major while also fulfilling a three-hour elective.  

To earn the scholarship, participating students must:

  • Enroll in FIN 3100, Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 AppState Gamma Iota Sigma (student Risk Management & Insurance club) events 
  • Successfully complete the class with a "B" or higher grade.

To apply, fill out the interest form here. Selection is on a rolling basis, and scholarship is available most semesters.

Alternatively, interested students can stop by the Brantley Risk and Insurance Center (Peacock Room #3058) to discuss the opportunity in person with Lacy Schmidt, Assistant Director.

RMI Scholarships

Students should apply for Risk Management and Insurance scholarships by using the College of Business scholarship application form. Applications are accepted online every February and are awarded the following academic year. 

Approximately $120,000 is awarded annually to students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. A large number of donors have made these scholarships possible. Their common desire is for ambitious and intelligent young people to pursue a course of study, which will prepare them for careers in risk management and insurance.

Scholarships students can apply for include, but are not limited to: 

Langdon Spirit Scholarship

Greg Langdon served as Associate Director of the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center for over 10 years, dedicating his endless energy to supporting students in their dreams of becoming future insurance leaders. Known as "Yosef's Little Brother", Langdon is a two-time Appalachian State grad and worked for the university for over 28 years. Langdon was also the first-ever recipient of the “Spirit of Walker” Sywink staff award in 2018.

Upon his retirement in December 2020, the Brantley Risk and Insurance Center began the Langdon Spirit Scholarship to recognize his outstanding contributions to the university and its risk management students. The annual scholarship will support a risk management and insurance student who embodies Langdon's spirit of optimism, helpfulness, and love of Appalachian State.

To learn more or donate to this scholarship, see more information here

Markel Specialty Diversity Scholarship

This annual, $5,000 scholarship is sponsored by Markel Specialty Insurance Company and is in support of an Appalachian State Risk Management and Insurance student who identifies as a member of an underrepresented population.

The scholarship is awarded to a rising senior.

Application requirements include:

  • 3.0 or greater GPA
  • Rising Senior
  • Intent to pursue a specialty insurance profession
  • One-page essay outlining the student's desire to be awarded the scholarship including proven leadership qualities, unique characteristics that reflect the Markel Style, and interest in working in the specialty insurance market.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. David Marlett or Lacy Schmidt.

National Scholarships

The Brantley Center coordinates with several national organizations that sponsor national competitions for scholarships. These scholarships often impose additional restrictions and require a separate application process. Visit the Gamma Iota Sigma grand chapter scholarship page for additional details: https://www.gammaiotasigma.org/gis-benefits  and see below for additional scholarships.

  • Spencer: $5,000 scholarships for risk management students with minimum GPA of 3.3; February Deadline [Info
  • CPCU NextGen: $5,000 scholarships for risk management and actuarial science students; March Deadline [Info]
  • Loman Scholarship: $2,000 scholarships to support internship relocation expenses like housing, food, clothing, and transportation [Info]
  • Derek Hughes WSIA: $5,000 scholarships for risk management students with a minimum GPA of 3.25 or higher; Deadline in March [Info]
  • Latin-American Association of Insurance Agencies: $5,000-$10,000 merit-based scholarships in support of insurance students who self-identify as Latinx/Hispanic American [Info]